20 May 2016

Switzerland Sensirion introduced SHT1x single-chip digital temperature and humidity integrated sensor. CMOS process micromachining patented technology (CMOSens technology), to ensure that the product has high reliability and excellent long-term stability. The sensor consists of a capacitive polymer wet measurement element and a bandgap temperature measurement devices, and seamless integration with a 14 A / D converter and a 2-wire digital interface in a single chip, making this product has the advantages of low power consumption, fast response, strong anti-interference ability.

Product parameters:

1) Relative humidity and temperature measurements of both the dew point output;
2) Full calibration digital output;
3) (2-wire) interface, fast response;
4) ultra-low-power, auto sleep;
5) excellent long-term stability;
6) The ultra-small volume (surface mount);
7) measured humidity range 0-100% RH, the measured temperature range -40-123.8 ° C
8) measuring precision ± 4.5% RH, and temperature measurement accuracy ± 0.5 ° C (25 ° C).
9) Module Size: 32X17mm
In the case of high ambient temperature and humidity measurement requirements, the product offers high reliability and excellent stability. Special Sensor with Arduino expansion board used in combination, can be easily achieved with the temperature and humidity perception of the interaction effect.

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